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Back in 2002, the founders of Traffix saw a gap in the market – the big local traffic management companies didn’t have the flexibility or reliability that so many clients needed. Turnaround times could be slow and making changes on the go caused headaches, and sometimes clients needed to consult several different departments, or even companies, to get the job completely organised.

So they started Traffix, designed to be a tight-knit group of highly-qualified people who could use their initiative to provide flexible, reliable and stress-free traffic management for clients. Traffix is a one-stop-shop, where the team takes care of the whole process, from the first planning meeting to breaking down the site afterwards.  Based in West Auckland, the Traffix team has since been working all over the greater Auckland area on a wide range of projects, from roadworks to filming.

A decade later, Traffix is still providing that total service, but with an even greater depth of experience from which to draw.  Plus, we have twice as much equipment these days! With seven trucks, including two attenuator vehicles, and equipment for every possible contingency, theres nothing we’re not equipped to handle.  And with public liability of $20 million, we’re prepared for anything on every front.

The reason that Traffix has gone from strength to strength over the past ten years is that we continue to provide the kind of reliable, one-stop service that customers love.  From planning to execution, Traffix’s friendly professional team members take all the traffic management stress out of your project.

Traffix is based on the values of giving our customers top quality service and care, with an emphasis on quick response and flexibility.  We pride ourselves on exceeding customer’s expectations in planning, communication, quality standards, and providing a safe working environment.





“We have worked in partnership on several high profile sites and selected Traffix as their service is reliable, safe and hassle free.” Read more

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