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When you need traffic management, Traffix will design the appropriate Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for you.  We will provide customised traffic control that will make your site run smoothly and safely - a total package of qualified personnel, vehicles and the right equipment for all types of road closure, ensuring that you can focus on your core business.  Everything is organised by a highly-qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS). All Traffix staff are STMS Level 1, STMS Level 2, STMS Level 3 and TC qualified.

Traffix Limited is committed to safe and effective traffic management to meet your individual requirements for civil works (roading and construction), essential services and infrastructure (power, water, gas, communications, drainage, sewerage and stormwater), special events and film production.

For traffic management – large or small – Traffix has a team of traffic management experts who can solve your traffic control problems.  Construction, civil and roading, special events, sports events, film production, parades or concerts: Traffix will manage every aspect of your traffic management requirements.  From lane closures to motorway work, road/pedestrian barriers to portable traffic lights, it’s all taken care of.

Traffix is NZ owned and operated.  Our energetic STMS team are all local, hardworking and very efficient, and there is no job too large or small for us.


Cones for all types of traffic management
Traffic management trucks ranging from small 5 tonne trucks that can move around easily within your worksite, to 15 tonne 6 wheeler specialist traffic control attenuator vehicles
Signs for traffic control
Stop/Go traffic control paddles
Portable traffic lights and fencing
Traffic and pedestrian barriers (road/pedestrian barriers also available for hire)
Arrowboards for all types of traffic control
Variable Message (VMS) Boards for all types of traffic control
Flashing road lamps and much more – everything you need for your job

Safety first: Traffix ensure your Traffic Management Plan (TMP) looks after pedestrians and motorists on your site. With specialised trucks we can work quickly to set-up and dismantle the traffic control for your worksite.  

Traffix is meticulous in providing a healthy and safe working environment in accordance with company policy.



CAR permits (corridor access request)
RON permits (road opening notice)
WAP permits (works approval permit)
OPS permit    (operations in the street)
A comprehensive Traffic Management Plan (TMP) including all permits
A qualified STMS – including Level 1 STMS, Level 2 STMS and Level 3 STMS qualified experts.

Take the stress out of traffic control by calling Traffix today for a site visit and evaluation, with a free no-obligation quote.


“We have worked in partnership on several high profile sites and selected Traffix as their service is reliable, safe and hassle free.” Read more


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