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Talk to Traffix today about hiring all the traffic management equipment you need.  Talk to us about hiring out everything from a few cones to attenuator trucks at affordable prices. And if you need the personnel to go with it, we can supply a traffic management supervisor (STMS) to oversee the project.

Affordable traffic management equipment hireage, including:

Qualified STMS (all levels)
An attenuating service by the hour to assist your crew to operate a mobile or semi-static operation
Traffic control signs
Stop-Go paddles
Portable traffic lights and fencing
Traffic and pedestrian barriers
Flashing road lamps
Steel plates, and much more

Equipment can be delivered or picked up from our Auckland depot.  Please note that there is a minimum hireage period of one day on all our traffic management equipment. Special rates for long term hire.

“We have worked in partnership on several high profile sites and selected Traffix as their service is reliable, safe and hassle free.” Read more

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