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For contractors who want to do their own traffic control, we can train your personnel – and provide refresher courses – to save you time and money in the long run.

There are several different levels of traffic management training:

A Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller qualification enables you to look after and run a site
once it has been set up by a qualified STMS (site traffic management supervisor).  This training can be completed in as little as one day, and Traffix can organise this for any members of your team.

Level 1 STMS training enables you to design and submit traffic management plans,set up sites for all roads involving fewer than 10,000 cars per day.  This qualification requires a two-day course, which a Traffix trainer can run on your premises or ours.

Level 2 STMS training is suitable for any site through which more than 10,000 cars a day pass.

Level 3 STMS training allows you to work on any site including motorway work.  Traffix can help you with the practical side of the Level 2/3 STMS course.

Once booking is confirmed, no refund will be issued for cancellation or non-attendance. All levels expire after three years, and you’ll need to attend a refresher course to maintain your qualification and keep up to date with changes.  Traffix can organise these refresher courses for you.


Traffix runs New Zealand Transport Agency approved training courses:


Level 1 Basic TC and Level 1 STMS Training

Traffix have fully qualified trainers for both the one day Level 1 Basic TC and two day Level 1 STMS training.  Training can be conducted on our premises, or we can come to you.

Level 2/3 STMS Training

We can organise all aspects of L2/3 STMS training.  Traffix will provide every requirement for your L2/3 Practical test, including the traffic management plan, permits, assessor, attenuator trucks and personnel.

Contact Gary 021 322 144 or email for dates and more information

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