Traffix has a long history of providing Quality TTM solutions for the civil industry from small shoulder closures for residential and commercial connections, up to multi-point Stop/GO operations for large Infrastructure projects.

We organise Civil traffic management for:

  • Small Road Closures
  • Residential Connections
  • Commercial Connections
  • Multi-Point STOP/GO Operations

We offer a one-stop solution and can Design and submit a TMP and deliver safe and compliant Traffic Management for a job of any size.

Our Civil services provide traffic control for the work areas and road closures allowing our clients to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the traffic control logistics. These traffic services are designed, coordinated, and installed by our team of certified traffic control technicians.

Every component of a traffic accommodation strategy or project can be handled by our professional team. We are focused on the details to ensure the highest standards of safety are exceeded.

Our hands-on approach ensures that your project runs smoothly from assisting in the quote, design and delivery of traffic services and equipment, to pick-up and follow-up.

We offer lane closure services of all sizes, from small scale single lane closures to full scale traffic diversions on both city streets and motorways. No matter what the job is we will work closely with you to facilitate your worksites traffic control needs.

Our fleet of traffic control management trucks is equipped with the necessary equipment to care for traffic control requirements and needs safely and effectively on site. This includes signs, cones, flashing arrow board and other traffic equipment, as well as a fully trained and knowledgeable staff to implement and monitor your traffic control requirements on site.

If not managed effectively, lane closures can often result in delays and traffic. Through careful planning and execution, Empire Traffic’s lane closure services ensure that traffic continues to move smoothly despite the reduced number of available lanes.

Lane closure services play a pivotal role in creating a safe working environment. Our expertise and services help to segregate the closure zone from the active lanes of traffic, reducing the risk of accidents and collisions. By establishing clear boundaries and providing adequate signage, lane closure services effectively guide motorists, minimising confusion and preventing potential safety hazards.

With a team full of experienced and certified specialists, we are prepared to undertake any job with the correct prior planning and attention to detail. Traffix can assist with any challenging or out of the box traffic management job to ensure any requirements are met.

Safe Traffic Management Services

Projects Move on Schedule