Utilities Industry

Traffix specializes in providing Temporary Traffic Management services to the Utilities industry – Electricity, Water, Wastewater, Drainage and Fibreoptic installations.

We organise temporary traffic management for:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Drainage
  • Fibreoptic Installations

Safety is our number one priority – convenience comes second.

We have an acute understanding of this industry based on years of experience and understand the constantly and rapidly changing nature of Utilities worksites, and the various machinery/ methods of installation involved, such as working around Directional Drills, Hydro-Excavators, Diggers and connection/jointer crews.

We understand the risks involved with these sites, our crews have a good grasp of how these sites operate and are therefore able to liaises with the teams on site to make the whole picture come together. We also hold the appropriate accreditation / inductions to work on Electricity sites, understand the requirements of Fire-Retardant PPE gear and comply with these standards on a daily basis

Temporary Traffic Management for Utilities Industry

A Temporary Traffic Management is the process or method of managing road users including vehicle and pedestrians through, around or past an activity on a road reserve safely with a minimum level of inconvenience. (The road reserve is defined as boundary to boundary).

A Traffic Management Plan is a document showing how an activity in the road will be carried out safely and efficiently. It must also must only be designed and prepared by a trained and qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor. (STMS) refer to Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management.

Traffic Management Plan

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) describes proposed works, design, set up and removal of any activity being carried out within the Road Reserve. It also includes the work programme, how public and contractor safety will be ensured, and any contingency planning etc.

Any work that alters the normal operating conditions of the road reserve requires a TMP. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Excavating the carriageway/footpath/berm.
  • Tree felling where there is the possibility that part of the tree may reach the road.
  • Any activity that a machine will be operating from the road.
  • Temporary road closure for an event.
  • ​Obstruction of footpaths e.g. for sign writing, scaffolding, painting etc.

Generic Traffic Management Plans (GTMPs) allow repeated work to be done under a single traffic management plan.  These still require notification to the DCC when they are used.

Safe Traffic Management Services

Highly Skilled and Experienced Staff
Our equipment is inspected & renewed regularly
We provide consultation for various works
We prepare and submit Traffic Management Plans